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Social skills training

Social Skills Training aims to develop a child’s social skills such as: recognizing and naming emotions, interacting with peers, and understanding social situations. Children learn to build satisfying relationships with others, learn how to deal with difficult situations, and practice their collaboration skills. The main goal of social skills training is to develop correct social behavior.

For who?

For children who:

  • are shy or withdrawn,who have problems in establishing relationships with their peers
  • have trouble following the rules in a group, and have trouble adjusting to them
  • have trouble dealing with their emotions and identifying the emotions of others

What are the benefits?

  • Through play, communication and interaction with peers, The child will learn to cope with difficult situations.
  • The child will learn good ways to communicate their needs and solve their problems. They will learn how to resolve conflicts and arguments in a constructive way.
  • The child will develop skills to recognize emotions and needs. And as a result, they will better understand themselves and others.

How is it done at TUTU?

Social skills training for children is aimed at developing the ability to recognize one’s own emotions, to cope with the emotions, and also to form broad social skills. They are an opportunity to provide children with information on new beneficial behaviors, emotional reactions, and ways to resolve peer conflicts. These trainings aim to improve interpersonal communication skills.

Group work is designed to unite people and improve communication. For example, someone may feel lonely in a place because of a language barrier. We talk about it, and then practice skills through play. This helps everyone understand each other. Children recall moments when they themselves were in such a situation and share what helped them. In discussion, children often find their own way out of difficult situations.


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Art therapist

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