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Cultural Trackers 

Many older people probably associate a museum with silence, seriousness, and the slogan „Don’t touch!”. So can children have fun with it? 

The Subcarpathian Association for Active Families (PSAR) thinks so and shows museums, open-air museums, and theaters from a different perspective. That’s why a series of eight films under the common title „Cultural Trackers” was created with the participation of children. The main actors and, in part, the screenwriters of the films are very young people. It is they themselves, with innate curiosity, who show what is relevant and interesting to them and their peers. 

The first of the films was recorded at the castle in Baranow Sandomierski. Children dressed up in historical costumes, listened to how many circles an armorer had to join together to make a chain mail, and found out who comes out of the fireplace in one of the chambers at night. Subsequent productions allow visitors to virtually visit, among others, the castle in Krasiczyn, the library, the arboretum, or the ensemble maintaining Lasowiak traditions. 

PSAR is an organization that, for more than six years, has been promoting the culture of the Podkarpackie (Subcarpathian) region and providing, including online, valuable information about it. The results of their earlier projects are available on the platform and on YouTube (channel They have often been used by teachers in the era of distance learning. All this is so that the children imbibe culture so that it enters their blood. Let them learn about the diversity of the world, let them be inspired, and stimulate their creativity. This will help them better understand themselves and their abilities. 

The „Cultural Trackers” films are intended to inspire and encourage families with children to actively explore the Podkarpackie region. They can also serve as teaching aids for teachers, especially during lockdown, as a variety of remote learning. Their task is also to show the diversity of the region’s cultural heritage and deepen cultural ties among the youngest children. 

The „Cultural Trackers” project concerns the Podkarpackie region and is geared toward promoting the region nationwide. The project also shows events such as the Kinolub International Film Festival at the Provincial House of Culture.

This is the implementation of a cultural initiative financed from the funds of the Podkarpackie Province within the framework of the „Cultural Patronage” competition of the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the Marshal’s Office. 

The project has been covered under the Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, as well as the media patronage of TVP3 Rzeszów Polish Radio Rzeszów, Information Portal, and Nowiny Daily Newspaper.

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