Książeczka Rzeszowskie spacery dla przedszkolaków. Okładka.

Rzeszów strolls for preschoolers

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Rzeszów strolls for preschoolers

An illustrated mini-guide to Rzeszów thanks to the financial support of the City Hall. It is a booklet for children aged 3-6. In the guide you will find illustrations and descriptions of 20 Rzeszów places and events that are interesting for children, their parents and caregivers. The texts are rhyming and entertaining. Little readers will not be overloaded with details they would not be able to remember, but they will also get a portion of reliable and interesting information. The poems are written in a lively language adapted to the needs of young children, and the rhymes and rhythms will help toddlers better remember what they hear about.

Also, the illustrations were created with children in mind. They are colorful, friendly and have just enough detail not to tire a preschooler.

Marcin Stachow

Jan Markovic

Subcarpathian Association for Active Families


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