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Rzeszów Family Club

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Rzeszów Family Club

PSAR Association created Rzeszów Family Club (RKR) for families living in Rzeszów or nearby. 

The club was created in cooperation with the Rzeszów House of Culture in the Milocin section due to great interest, the meetings were moved to the Rzeszów Incubator of Culture (RIK).

The purpose of the meetings is to spend time together, support parents in stimulating the development and learning of their children, as well as provide fun for both children and parents through various activities, games, workshops and animations.

The activities are conducted by specialists, child and educational psychologists. Other experts are also invited to the meetings, such as paramedics, nutritionist, physiotherapist, school educator.

Rzeszów Family Club is a place where a child will not be bored. He can play games, run his imagination and enjoy the lack of restrictions in the space of the Incubator.

„At the board games – classes for families” are part of this cycle and are usually held every two weeks. They are led by a psychologist, experienced gamer and author of board games. Parents taking part in them have the opportunity to see how board games, so loved by children, can be used to enhance their development. The classes are conducted using appropriate rules and taking into account the developmental level of the young participants.

You can read here how board games affect child development.

Participation in the cyclical meetings is open only to those enrolled in the Rzeszów Family Club, but the number of places is limited, the order of applications applies.

To join the club, just email:

In the email, you should provide:


first and last name of parents,

2. names and ages of children,

3. phone number for contact.

Subcarpathian Association for Active Families

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