Recruitment for the project has started

Recruitment for the project has started

5 municipalities in Podkarpacie will be recruited for the project. The teams will consist of 3-person teams representing each municipality. They will be trained, motivated, and inspired to take on a new approach to culture work, and receive strategies for the development of entrepreneurship in their municipality.

The main criteria for a municipality to participate in the project will be; being located

outside major cities, lacking current grassroots activities, sharing the space for grassroots

initiatives , currently having low participation in local community events especially with

ethnic and national minorities.

During the project, Norwegian good practices will be used – cultural activities involving minority groups, e.g. Ukrainian, Roma, German, Lemko, Russian or Jewish.

Over the next 18 months, we will organize exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals, competitions, field games and other artistic events that will take place in the selected 5 municipalities.

The project targets historically underrepresented groups such as youth, low-income communities, immigrants, rural people and women. The project allows fair and full participation, regardless of; gender, age, disability, belief, religion, race, origin, and sexual orientation.

The recruitment procedure begins with the submission of a form by municipal development managers (representatives of municipal authorities). A list of accepted municipalities will be announced in late May.

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