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Subcarpathian Family Passport

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Subcarpathian Family Passport

Subcarpathian Family Passport is a booklet containing 30 of the most interesting objects, places and attractions for families with children. You will see the wonders of nature and culture, experience unusual adventures, and simply relax. You will not get bored! Everywhere you hit with your passport, you will get a discount on admission tickets, and ask to get a stamp. When you collect 30 of them, exchange your passport for a prize. Go on a trip!

The Subcarpathian (polish “Podkarpackie”) Family Passport is one of the elements of the project implemented by PSAR called „Subcarpathian culture for preschoolers – EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM”. It is aimed at families with pre-school children from smaller towns and cities, as well as teachers of those children. It was implemented from August 1 to October 30, 2018, and took place thanks to funding from the National Heritage Institute under the program.


The places you will find in the Passport are divided into categories:

1. castles and palaces (e.g. Baranow Sandomierski Castle, Fort Werner, Dzieduszycki Palace),

2. open-air museums (e.g. Kolbuszowa Folk Culture Museum, Borderland Settlement in Basznia Dolna, Pottery District),

3. industry and technology (e.g. Pogorzanin railroad, Museum in Bóbrka, Museum of Fire Fighting)

4. crafts and art (e.g. Museum of Lollipop in Jaslo, Museum of Bombshells)

5. nature and health (e.g. Tarnobrzeskie Lake, Rymanów-Zdrój Pump Room, Arboretum Bolestraszyce)

Subcarpathian Association for Active Families

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