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Subcarpathian culture for preschoolers

In the period from 01.08.2018 to 30.10.2018, the PSAR association, in cooperation with volunteers, implemented the project „Subcarpathian Culture for Preschoolers – EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM”, subsidized by the Narodowego Instytutu Dziedzictwa w ramach programu WSPÓLNIE DLA DZIEDZICTWA 2018.

The project was aimed at children aged 3-6 and their caregivers, living in areas with less access to culture. The main goal was to increase awareness of the role and value of cultural heritage and develop civic attitudes.

Specific objectives:

to increase cultural and social capital through the activation and involvement of preschool groups and families with children in joint activities to learn about and preserve local cultural heritage;

identifying local cultural heritage and expanding knowledge about it and its values;

to better utilize the value of cultural heritage in the social development of Subcarpathian through the wide dissemination and promotion of heritage and its values;

Improving the competence of volunteers in developing knowledge of cultural heritage.


1. EDUCATION – workshops for 60 teachers in 15 kindergarten institutions and discussion of the multidimensional impact of cultural heritage on children’s development.

2. ANIMATION – conducting animation among 30 kindergarten groups. During the meetings, the use of donated materials (board games „Subcarpathian Wanderings”, puzzles and coloring books of the same series, and mini-guides „Subcarpathian Wanderings for preschoolers”) was demonstrated. The purpose of this activity was to arouse interest in cultural heritage among the youngest children, to build their identity with the region, to shape the need to participate in culture and responsibility for cultural assets, and to learn about the diversity of cultural heritage in the Subcarpathian region. Also, to learn basic cultural terms and acquire the ability to distinguish between them (e.g., castle/palace, museum/open-air museum).

3. ENHANCEMENT – two artistic reviews, „Subcarpathian Wanderings” and events within the framework of European Heritage Days (September 14–15, 2018) were conducted. Entire kindergarten groups recited poems from the books „Subcarpathian Wanderings” Part I and Part II, to the public. Among other things, the goal was to strengthen cultural capital in preschoolers and acquire public speaking skills.

4. ACTIVATION – Subcarpathian Family Passport tis a booklet with a description of the cultural heritage of Podkarpackie (Subcarpathian) and space for stamps. This part of the project aims to motivate whole families to enjoy the value of cultural heritage.

5. INVOLVEMENT – family trips with the passport in hand encourage people to learn about their own cultural heritage and have a positive impact on the quality of life of Podkarpackie residents.

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