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City of Treasures

„City of Treasures” is a unique, original board game, designed for families who want to spend time in an original way.

It is even more than that, you think.

  • It is also exploration of culture, history and people associated with Rzeszów,
  • It is an engaging and horizon-expanding fun,
  • It is a beautifully crafted object that is a pleasure to use,
  • It is an entertainment that promotes exercise and develops mental potential.

The rules are easy to follow, the gameplay is dynamic and exciting, and the winner is unknown until the last moments. On top of that, the game is a pleasure for the eye – it has a beautiful, original graphic design, and all its elements are carefully crafted, durable and made of high-quality materials.

The primary goal of the game is to acquire tiles symbolizing 100 Rzeszów „treasures”. Each of them gives a certain number of victory points, which transfer into the final score.

The rules of the game are clear, and the game itself is relatively light, although at the same time it allows you to make strategic choices and accurate decisions that affect victory. The gameplay is exciting and usually keeps you guessing until the very end.

In order to win, you will have to demonstrate, above all, the ability to manage risks and make the right choices.

  • Should you try to get another treasure or already say pas?
  • Do you engage in a tough battle for a treasure worth many points?
  • Do you try to grow your collection, or rather block your rivals from developing theirs?
  • Do you consume ducats to increase your chances during the game, or save them for the end and earn extra victory points?
  • In this game, luck is needed, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Instead, those who know how to help their luck win.

„Four daredevils stood on top of a hill. On the opposite side of the sky, the sun was reddening. The last rays of the day illuminated the city spreading out in the valley. They could see brick roofs and new skyscrapers, green parks, church spires and bridges thrown over the river winding from south to north. Somewhere out there were the treasures they had come for.

They had heard about them. Now they were to find them, to learn about them, to see them up close. Each of them also wanted to prove to himself and his companions that he was the best treasure hunter. They were friends, but also rivals.

They took another look at the city. Then they found a path that led downhill and started down it. Soon they were to see who among them would uncover the most secrets.”

Author of the game:

Jan Markovic

Marcin Stachow

Podkarpackie Association for Active Families

Year of publication:


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