Plakat Pierwszego Przeglądu Artystycznego w Rzeszowie. 2017 r.

First Artistic Review, „Rzeszów Strolls”.

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First Artistic Review, „Rzeszów Strolls”.

The event at Plaza Rzeszów featured a performance by groups of children from seven Rzeszów public kindergartens: PP3, PP9, PP11, PP17, PP22, PP34, PP37. About 200 kindergarteners recited poems from „Rzeszów Strolls”,  and at the end they received gifts from sponsors, copies of the book „Rzeszów Strolls for Kindergarteners” 

and a diploma signed by the Mayor of the City of Rzeszów, who took the event under his patronage.

The review was intended to encourage children to learn, increase their competence and knowledge, teach them how to cope with stress, and get them used to public performances. It was also intended to encourage family exploration and enjoyment of Rzeszów’s attractions.

A special stage for the young artists was prepared at the Plaza Rzeszów Shopping Center; there was also sound equipment and stands for spectators, and the event was hosted by the excellent announcer Michal Samborski [see].

Media patronage for the competition was provided by TVP3 Rzeszów, Radio Rzeszów, and Subcarpathian Family Portal Information about the event and photo reports also appeared in many other Subcarpathian media [zobacz].

After the performance, a number of free attractions were prepared for everyone, both participants in the review and spectators, including:

1. Dr. Teddy Bear Clinic, or first aid demonstrations for the youngest (PASSIO),
2. Сlown stilt walker modeling balloons (Podkarpackie Centrum Animacji),
3. Games with KLANZA sling(Klub Mamy i Malucha – Rzeszów),
4. Mini playground and animations for children(Kinderplaneta),
5. Face painting and other attractions (Kinderplaneta),
6. Free computerized examination of children’s feet (Spółdzielnia Rena)
7. Contests with prizes (Plaza Rzeszów).

Event Sponsors:
Plaza Rzeszów – Main Sponsor 
PKO Bank Polski
Fibrain Polska
Rzeszów – stolica innowacji
Klinika Stomatologiczna Estetika
Misiek – Sklepy z zabawkami
Spółdzielnia Rena
Sylveco – naturalne kosmetyki

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