Okładka książki pt. Gród nad Wisłokiem.

City on the Wisłok River

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City on the Wisłok River

„The city on the Wisłok River” is the third part of the series about the adventures of Maciek Kaminski, who, thanks to a time machine, gets to know the past of Rzeszów. This time he travels to the 14th century, the time when Rzeszów was granted city rights. The book was written, illustrated and published in 2000 copies thanks to a grant from the budget of the Municipality of the City of Rzeszów.

Jarek Kaminski is in danger. He flew in a time machine to the distant past and is not coming back. Has nothing happened to him? Is he safe? His son Maciek and a group of friends set out to help – and immediately get into trouble themselves! The medieval wilderness turns out to be a dangerous place for the townspeople of 2018.

This is just the beginning of their adventures. They end up in the second half of the 14th century. Rzeszów has just been granted city rights. The new stronghold on the Wisłok River is the private property of royal favorite Jan Pakoslawic. It lies on a dangerous borderland – not so long ago, Casimir the Great annexed the area to Poland. Now it needs to be protected, developed, enriched.

Among the forests and swamps, among people speaking a poorly understood language, Maciek is looking for rescue for his dad. And here even the lack of glasses turns out to be a problem.

Marcin Stachow

Jan Markovic

Editing and proofreading:
Małgorzata Pyszna-Marković

Subcarpathian Association for Active Families


Year of publication:


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